Hints for speeding up your (or your partner’s) game of golf.

Writing in The Golf Digest (October 2022) E. Michael Johnson admitted that he hated slow play. He wasn’t advocating “rushed play” but simply wanting to keep the game moving. Johnson listed his “7 sins of slow play”.

Starting with the last sin and working towards his first, Johnson listed issues such as working out your yardage and club selection while somebody else is having their turn, hitting a provisional when in doubt, being ready to move as the last player hits off the tee. He also asks players to limit practice swings and his first suggestion is to leave the driver cover in the car.

Johnson argues that the driver has a longer shaft so the head will not clash with other clubs so a cover is not required and valuable time will be saved taking off the cover for each drive and replacing it after the shot. No mention is made of other clubs in the bag and whether covers are being used for them.

I know when I received my fitted set of Ping G clubs, I had covers on every iron, hybrid, fairway and driver. There was now way they were going to rub and scratch other club faces or the graphite shafts on my driver and fairway club. I soon realised that the 14-way organiser on my Bennington bag allowed me to arrange my set to avoid rubbing with the exception of the driver and the fairway club. The result was that I only needed one cover to avoid contact with any of the set of Ping clubs.

Suddenly I became the first player in my group ready to play my shots and the first heading for the next tee. No longer was I taking off and replacing covers after each shot but I was also saving time retrieving the correct club thanks to the way clubs were organised in the bag.

Things got even better once we got our hands on the first prototype of the Linx Quiet Organiser Golf Cart Bag. Careful, placement of the clubs meant that I was then able to leave all covers off during a game of golf so even more time saving. Irons were arranged from longest to shortest so a quick selection always took place. Once again I was the first to complete my shot and be ready to move on. Another bonus was the ability to spot a empty wedge slot when the club had been left on the side of the green.

I fully concur with Johnson’s suggestion of saving time by removing the head cover but imagine just how much time can be saved by removing all, or nearly all, head covers in your bag. Add to this the ability to place your hand on the correct club and the time saved in retrieving and replacing clubs in your bag.

The Linx Quiet Organiser Golf Cart Bag (waterproof) can be found at: www.linxgolf.com.au

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